Do You Want to Buy ATV For Your Use?

As far as the power sports segment is concerned, often there is confusion as to which one to buy because you have several options. ATV (All-terrain vehicles) are also considered as UTV (Utility Terrain Vehicle).

However, the ATV is usually designed to travel on 4 low-pressure or non-pneumatic tires, and its seat is designed to be connected by the operator and handlebars to steer the control. They will be quite different from UTVs, which are more task-oriented.

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ATVs, come in several forms. A few of them are designed for work, while a few others are geared towards play. Any ATV can accommodate 1 to 4 people depending on your vehicle. The following are a few of the different types of ATVs.

  • Sport ATVs

For those who are thrill seekers, sport ATVs will be the right choice. They are built for sliding, speeding, and swerving, and you are guaranteed that you will feel the wind on your face. These ATVs will be stacked with long-travel suspension, powerful engines, and excellent handling. 

  • Side-by-side ATVs

Due to the availability of 2 front seats, and often 2 back seats, such ATVs are called side-by-sides. They have a steering wheel instead of handlebars, seat belts, foot pedals, and a roll bar. You as well as your passengers can sit inside the vehicle, almost like a car.

  • Utility ATVs

Usually, the utility ATVs engines are quite powerful to travel on a different terrain, but not as much powerful as any sport ATV. They are primarily meant for heavy-work purpose, almost like hauling cargo or plowing fields or even snow. They may not also be as fast as other sport ATVs, but can easily accommodate 2 people comfortably and also can have better ground clearance.

  • Youth ATVs

Youth ATVs are usually tailored to the size of your children and their level of experience. A 4-year kid can start with electric starts and with automatic clutches to teach them about different gears and how they can shift through them. 

ATV pros and cons


  • Plenty of models and brands available to choose from
  • Both youth and adult models can be made available
  • Available at affordable prices than similar types of any other power sport vehicles, e.g., UTVs
  • Good for solo users
  • Good for your recreation or any light-duty utility e.g., hauling or towing
  • It is lots of fun to ride on these ATVs


  • Fewer features as compared to UTVs
  • Less safe as compared to UTVs, with fewer safety features built-in
  • Fewer options for customization/modification
  • Cannot ride along with a passenger side-by-side
  • ATVs may not be very suitable for heavy-duty work.

For any new ATV riders, safety should be their top priority. Look for 600-cc engines or something even smaller. Then, you must consider how you want to use your new ATV and ensure that you are looking at models that are suitable for the type of terrain that you plan to ride on.