Steps to Becoming a NFTs Creator

The new NFTs craze has been sweeping the crypto world. This article is all about a few steps to becoming a NFT creator so you can get in on this new and exciting market!

  1. Get familiar with the ERC-1155 Smart Contract

The first step is to get familiar with the new standards of decentralized trading. The most important standard for tokenizing your product is called “ERC20,” released in 2015 and has become a staple part of crypto technology. Now, there are new ways to trade using these tokens developed on top of this open-source code known as ERC-1155 by Witek Radomski et al.

You must understand what makes them unique so you can start building! You don’t need any programming knowledge or experience to use these contracts, but it would be good to understand how they work under the hood. The nft creators that will be successful take the time to learn about these new technologies.

  1. Choose your product

Now that you understand the basics of ERC-1155 tokens, it’s time to choose a product to tokenize! This can be anything from digital art, video games, or even physical assets. The possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination! Just make sure whatever you choose is unique so people will want to own a piece of it.

You could also team up with other creators to create a collective tokenized project. This allows for more collaboration and innovation as everyone brings their skillset to the table.

  1. Get Your Product Ready

Before you go ahead and create your token, the product must be ready to be put out into the world. This means making sure there are no bugs in coding or any major design flaws in the artwork. It also needs to look unique, so anyone who comes across your project will want to own a piece of it!

A good way to do this is by using open source software like GIMP for digital art or Blender for modeling assets. These programs give you everything you need at no cost, saving some money when starting up a new project.

  1. Create your ERC-1155 token

Now that you have a product ready to go, it’s time to create your token! This can be done very easily using the online tools at MyEtherWallet. All you need is some basic information like the name of your token and how many units there are. You’ll also need to set a few parameters like the decimals and symbol for your token. Once you’ve filled out all this information, hit “create,” and you’re done!

Your new token will now be listed on Etherscan, where anyone can view it. Therefore, it’s also important to get your token onto as many exchanges as possible so people can buy and sell it easily.

  1. Promote Your Token

Now that you have created your token, it’s time to get the word out! There are many different ways you can promote your new creation. A great way is by creating a website dedicated to telling people what makes your product unique and why they should buy it now while it’s still early.