What are the benefits of installing a backflow preventer?

In this article today, we will discuss what the benefits of installing a backflow prevention system in the house or in a commercial building are. And what is used to protect those backflow preventer systems installed in one’s home or building? So let’s dive without wasting any more time.

What to consider while installing a backflow preventer system:

In this section of the article, we will discuss how the backflow preventer gets installed. There is a cage called a Backflow preventer cage which is used to protect this system from harsh weather conditions, thieves or any kind of other damage to the system because they can cause contamination and other danger to the health of the public.

Cost of the device:

Depending upon the size of the system and desired level of performance, the device’s price might vary between $35 to $600. Most of the gadgets are made of plastic, making their production quite affordable. There will be some cost savings (including labour costs) if you need to install a lot of devices.

Cost of the labour:

It depends on where in the country you live; the price of installation labour varies. However, the price for the work is between $100 to $400. Installing a backflow preventer is a pretty easy and straightforward procedure for which most plumbers would set a rate rather than an hourly charge. The process involves briefly shutting off the water supply to your home and is typically done within an hour or less.

Some additional expenses:

The charge for a permit: In some towns, setting up a backflow preventer could need for a permit. This is due to the possibility that a flood could lead to system leaks. In order to better track the issue, the city limits who are permitted to own backflow preventers. Your plumber or contractor will help you to know if it is needed. You will have to pay $50 for a permit normally.

There is some expense for repairing if there is an existing system: if you are currently having a backflow preventer, but it is not functioning. Then, it is usually preferable to fix the system rather than replace it. A plumber will often confirm whether a system is in place before starting. Fixing a previously installed system normally costs between $50 and $150.

These are some of the additional expenses that you should be asked to pay if your state has some rules and regulations regarding the installation of the backflow preventer along with the Backflow security enclosure.


Installing a backflow preventer is necessary as it helps to eliminate the contamination problem of water, which will help you and your children to drink fresh and contamination-free water; however, you should only contact a professional plumber to install it.