Volunteer Abroad by Teaching English

If you want to teach English abroad and travel to another country, then consider how you can volunteer abroad in your chosen country. Not only is voluntary work excellent practice for your CV, it will also be very rewarding. 

You will have the opportunity to not only provide assistance to people in your host country but you will also get to travel the world and have the chance to teach people about the culture and language of that particular country. If you like the idea of traveling the world but you don’t have the time or money, then perhaps you could teach English abroad. Here are some pointers on how you can get started in this rewarding profession.

If you have a previous level of education, then you can volunteer for a voluntary course which will give you experience as well as qualifications to apply for jobs once you have returned to your home country. There are many voluntary English teaching programs available in many countries around the world. 

One such program runs twice a year in a country such as Japan, where teachers help out with English classes to children in primary school up to high school. If you have completed secondary school and are considering going overseas to teach English, then you may wish to consider a voluntary course in your home country.

If you are looking to teach English abroad and already live in an English-speaking country, then your first step should be to find out whether you can speak English properly. If so, then you may be able to apply for a teaching English abroad job. 

In certain countries, you may even be required to have a certain level of English fluency before you are allowed to apply for work. However, in most countries of the world, you can volunteer abroad and still get a job. It is important that you ensure you have a firm grasp of English before you travel because if you cannot speak and understand English correctly, you will not be able to help visitors properly.

There are a number of different ways you can volunteer abroad and teach English. You may be able to teach English in a formal classroom setting or you may be able to teach basic English to beginners in informal settings, such as trips and work-study programs. When you choose to teach overseas, you have to be committed to the environment and the people. Because there are a variety of courses to teach, you must be flexible to be able to fit in any type of program – whether that is a one-time experience or if you decide to teach life-changing skills in a more permanent setting.

Of course, you will also need to learn about the curriculum in order to teach English in a particular country. Many schools have a set curriculum, which is taught from kindergarten up until high school. Some schools may offer a more personal approach to learning by focusing on a person’s interests and helping them to develop a lifelong interest in the English language. 

The more specialized coaching you do, the more you will come to enjoy teaching English abroad. If you want to teach English abroad and see what it is like, try searching for volunteer positions in various schools or with local organizations.

When you volunteer abroad, you will be able to teach life-changing skills to people all over the world. For example, you can help native speakers of English to communicate using the English language when they visit the United States. You can teach ESL students the basics of the English language in your own country. Or you can teach students from other countries how to interact with native speakers of English – whether in person, via the Internet or through other means.