Seven from the Strangest Travel Cover Claims

You realize that travel cover covers you if something unfortunate happens when you are overseas – for those who have cardiac arrest, in case your hotel burns lower together with your suitcases inside it, or maybe your rental vehicle is stolen, insurance will most likely take proper care of it. Travel cover covers your return trip in case your hotel winds up being infested by fleas, and can cover you for goats eating your identity documents. However, some odd travel cover claims should be rejected. We would list the very best 4, but found there were only a lot of amusing travel – insurance states hold on there.

1. Monkey madness

A few remaining in Malaysia left your window of the chalet open once they went, and came back to locate that apes had joined and stolen a lot of their clothes and private possessions… simply to leave them laying round the adjacent jungle. The claim was compensated.

2. Tired of the ocean

An seniors gentleman on the cruiseship endured from some terrible seasickness. He was vomiting within the side, minding their own business when his dentures left his mouth and splashed right into a watery grave. He claimed the price of substitute teeth on his travel cover, and also the claim was compensated.

3. Toupee, or otherwise toupee?

A guy chatting to his buddies around the beach lost hundreds of pounds price of something inside a gust of wind… his customized toupee. These may be pricey – it had been a minimum of worth the price of the £50 excess on his policy.

4. Vacationers are coco-nuts

A travel cover company within the United kingdom referred to as Direct Line received claims for 2 coconuts lost when traveling, costing 69p each from ordinary United kingdom supermarkets. When the claim had not been rejected, the pair might have compensated the very first £50 associated with a claims on their own insurance.

5. This guitar is really a lemon

Direct Line has its own great amount of odd travel cover claims, once getting a claim for any guitar made from a pumpkin. The claim was rejected, possibly based on confusing information.

6. A goat’s concept of Black Forest cake

A household remaining the Black Forest in Germany inside a chalet left the doorway open, and came the place to find discover that wild goats residing in the forest had are available in and eaten their wallets and passports. This claim was rejected, despite being quite like the one out of Malaysia that was approved.

7. Could it be a bird?

A household camping inside a remote section of Wales had some fair costs incurred in it with a stray parachutist that arrived on their own tent, destroying their camping equipment. The household was without accidental damage cover in their travel cover, so footed the balance.