How to Choose a Penis Extender That Works For You?

There are some important tips that you must know before buying any penis extender. This article provides some information on these tips. The penis extender which is the name given to the penis enlargement device is gaining in popularity especially for men who want to have a bigger penis. There are two different types of extenders that are being sold in the market. The two types are the slow working penis extender and the quick acting penis extender. Most men who are using Phallosan Forte prefer the slow working extender as it gives better results.

Phallosan Forte includes the double band mechanism. The company which has been manufacturing the penis extender has come up with the double band mechanism. It provides faster and better results than other products available in the market. The quick extender also has good medical quality comfort pills. These pills are designed to give a lubricating effect when inserted into the penis.

Traction Device – One of the most common penis extenders is the traction device. This device can provide you with a feeling of comfort even when you are in a standing position. When the penis extender is being used for three to four hours each day, then the penis extender may wear out. You need to replace the traction device with a brand new one. You also need to make sure that your penis extender is working properly.

Comfort Pads – These comfort pads are also called soft cloths and they are worn underneath the penis extension bars. These are designed in such a way that when they are worn, the skin under the bars of the device does not wear out or get damaged. The penis comfort pads are known to provide faster results.

Tension Bell – Another type of product is the tension bell. These devices have suction bell shaped tubes which run inside the plastic tube. As you exercise the penis, the tension bell gets tightened and the skin under it stretches. As the skin stretches, the size of the erectile tissue increases.

The comfort that a user enjoys during erection depends upon his choice of fabric and material as well as the type of exercises he likes to do. If he likes to work out, then a good quality massager would be better. If he likes to wear loose fitting clothing, then the comfort factor can be enhanced by wearing a comfortable and loose fitting garment which restricts pressure on the erectile tissues.

To ensure that your device works properly and gives you the maximum results, you will also want to pay close attention to how the penis extender comes with its set of extension rods. The extender will come with four extension rods that need to be placed in one spot on the base of the device; make sure that they are all attached firmly to the base so that they cannot come off.