Forms to Fill for a Cheap Divorce in Alabama

Divorces can be financially and mentally draining on both partners, but the good news is, you can get divorced from your spouse at a lower price in Alabama through an uncontested divorce. 

Uncontested divorce happens when both the partners come to a mutual agreement on all the aspects, including child custody, financial distribution, and other factors, without any disputes or disagreements. 

An uncontested divorce is a primary way to get a cheap divorce. However, if your spouse does not agree to certain things, separating through an uncontested divorce may become difficult. 

Alabama cheap divorce lawyers play a crucial role in assisting you and proceeding with your divorce. Once you consult the right lawyer, you will be less burdened with the divorce process and avoid trouble. 

For filing an uncontested divorce in Alabama, you must fill up multiple documents and forms. Below are the necessary forms you need to fill: 

  • Complaint Form: The complaint form can usually be drafted by you or your lawyer with the Marital settlement agreement to ask the court to put an end to your marriage. 
  • Answer and Waiver: The answer and waiver document is one that acknowledges that the defender has got the divorce papers waives the right to the court proceedings. 
  • Affidavit of residency: The affidavit of residency is a notarized statement which states that the plaintiff is meeting the requirements for residency for a divorce in Alabama. 
  • CS -47: This form includes all the information on possible child support. Even if the partners do not have any child involved, the form must be completed and submitted to the court. 
  • Acknowledgment of non-representation: This document is completed when one partner gets the attorney while the other does not. The document should be signed by the partners and filed in the county court. 
  • Testimony of the Litigant/plaintiff: The document clarifies that the defender is not part of the military. Additionally, it lays the grounds for the divorce and states that the marriage is broken and has gone beyond repair. 

Other documents may be needed as per the requirements. 

Most forms will remain the same if you have a child/children involved, but with additional document requirements. You must submit additional documents to state that the child support and custody issues are solved. 

Your lawyer will guide you about the additional documentation needed when children are involved. Moreover, parents may be asked to attend children cope with divorce seminars and transition in parenting class and submit the certificate of attendance with the other documents mentioned in the list.