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If you’re planning on getting breast implants, you need to research your options and choose the best surgeon for your needs. You should consider a variety of factors when making your choice, including the cost and reputation of the surgeon. Ask for a free consultation with a few providers to find out more about their experience and training. You should also discuss your desired aesthetic goals with them and ask questions about the procedure itself.

There are two main types of breast implants. The first is round and is available in silicone or saline. The other is teardrop, which has a teardrop profile. The type of breast implant you choose depends on whether you have a wide or narrow chest. In addition, you should consider whether you want a fuller look or a side boob.

Most plastic surgeons are trained to place implants through an incision under the breast fold. This is the least invasive technique and leaves minimal tissue between the implant and the skin. Moreover, the scars are nearly undetectable. In addition, this technique does not affect the sensation. A surgeon can choose from different techniques to achieve the ideal result.

When choosing a plastic surgeon to perform your procedure, you should make sure that you consult with a board-certified surgeon. Not only is the surgeon skilled and experienced in Breast augmentation Miami, but he or she will also address your specific concerns regarding the procedure. The goal is to give you breasts that look proportionate to your body and have a natural, youthful appearance.

You should also keep in mind that implants are not permanent. The average life span of an implant is about 10 years. Despite this, complications can occur and your implant can rupture. You must go for periodic mammograms and ultrasounds to monitor your implants. Moreover, you should avoid gaining or losing weight while you’re implanted because it will affect the look of your implants.

You can opt for silicone or saline implants, depending on your personal preferences. Both of them can give you stunning results. However, silicone implants are more expensive than saline implants, and they can cause ripples under the skin. Saline implants can be slightly less natural than silicone ones, but they tend to last longer.

Before your procedure, you will meet with a surgeon for a consultation. He will examine your breasts and discuss your expectations. He may also prescribe you pain medication. Depending on the size and shape of your implants, you may need to stop taking some medications. You may also be required to stay in the hospital overnight. After the procedure, you will need to wear a surgical bra. The recovery process can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. You should also avoid strenuous activities and heavy lifting for the next few weeks.

After surgery, you should follow the instructions of the doctor to help you recover and get back to normal life. It’s important to follow the recovery instructions carefully so that you don’t encounter any problems or complications after the procedure.