The Importance of a Line Locating Service

A line locating service is vital to the excavation process, as it can help protect buried utilities from damage. Line locates are ground markings that show the location of cables and utilities. They allow you to proceed with the excavation process without risking injury or damage to these utilities. Once you have found the right location for the underground utility, you can proceed to dig the hole without fear of damaging any of the utilities. If you are unsure where to begin digging, you can call 811 to learn more.

Utility locating services are vital to any construction project, as digging for landscaping or other purposes can damage underground utility lines. A damaged utility line can lead to a gas leak or service disruption. Utility lines are buried at a certain depth, but the ground’s grade can change over time. Utility companies such as Unisource encourage their customers to call 811 before starting construction, to avoid damaging utility lines. Utility line locating Alberta services are available at no additional cost to homeowners.

Util-Locate is a reliable line-locating service that employs state-of-the-art technology to locate and assess utility lines. These technicians use ground-penetrating radar equipment and electromagnetic sensors to pinpoint utility lines and wires. They then use these signals to create detailed maps of the location of these utilities. In most cases, contacting utility locator services is best done before you begin digging. However, if you are planning to dig a trench, you may also need to find the exact locations of utility lines.

Line Locators also offers a smoke testing service, which is effective and fast. The service also uses specialized equipment that will enable them to detect non-metallic pipes. The accuracy of information from these services is critical for commercial and residential pipe locator projects. As a professional, they combine the latest technology with tried and true trade practices. These equipment’s can detect metal and plastic pipes, as well as power cables and phone lines.

A line locating service is essential when you have a construction project and are unsure of where the lines are. It is possible to damage utility lines if you dig into the ground without the help of a professional. However, this process is dangerous and can result in expensive repairs. Using a line locating service is the safest and most effective method. It is not only effective but also time-efficient, saving you a lot of effort.

It does not matter if you are gardening or remodelling your home; it is imperative that you know where the sewer lines are located. Leaving them hidden can lead to difficulties that are not only expensive but also a complete mess. When you use a line locating service, you won’t have to worry about damaging any of your home’s utilities while you work on remodelling it. If you are having problems with your plumbing, you can call 811 to find out where the pipes in your home are buried. You will also be able to highlight any potentially hazardous utilities so that repairs can be made on them as soon as possible.