The Benefits of a Weight loss balloon

A weight loss balloon, also called a gastric balloon or an intragastric balloon, is an inflatable medical device that is used in the stomach area to help a person lose weight. It is typically used for patients who have tried diet and exercise but have not achieved their desired weight loss. It is not a good option for people who do not wish to undergo surgery.

To be eligible for a weight loss balloon, you must have a BMI between thirty and forty. However, people outside this BMI range may still be considered candidates for the procedure. They must have had a difficult time losing weight through diet and exercise and are not ready for bariatric surgery. A board-certified general surgeon who specializes in weight loss procedures, may be able to help you.

This procedure involves inserting a thin, flexible tube down your throat and inserting it into your stomach. It takes about half an hour, and you can go home after it is removed. The procedure is usually painless and requires no recovery time. Most patients will lose around 20 pounds over the course of the procedure.

Another type of weight loss balloon is the Obalon balloon system. Similar to the Orbera balloon, the Obalon system works by taking up space in the stomach over a period of 6 months. In order to take advantage of this system, patients need to eat healthier food and exercise regularly. The success of this procedure depends on whether the patient is ready to adopt a healthy lifestyle after the balloon is removed.

If you are obese and unable to lose weight through diet and exercise, you may want to consider a gastric balloon. Because gastric balloon placement does not alter the body’s anatomy, it is a safe procedure that does not require surgery. If you follow your doctor’s instructions closely, you can lose weight with the weight loss balloon within a few months.

If you are considering a weight loss balloon, you may be wondering what the procedure entails. The ORBERA(r) gastric balloon is made of soft silicone and is implanted into the stomach. Patients generally lose weight within a month of receiving the balloon. The procedure does not require incisions and can last up to six months.

The Obalon balloon system received clearance from the FDA in the fall of last year. In order for this method of weight loss to be effective, balloons that are filled with air are inflated and placed in the stomach, where they function to suppress the patient’s appetite and promote weight loss. The balloon is placed directly into the stomach, and the treatment does not require any anaesthesia to be performed beforehand. After that, a medical professional will inflate the balloon.

Even though it is not a surgical procedure, the intragastric balloon is an excellent choice for obese people who are having trouble reducing weight with diet and exercise alone. The vast majority of patients lose anywhere from two to three times as much weight with this therapy as they would have with only changes in their diet and level of physical activity.