Repairing Cracked Screens and Other Common Phone Problems

For those of you who have a Smartphone or tablet, you are probably very familiar with the term “cracked screen.” You might even have had it happen to you. It is a frustrating problem that can leave your phone or tablet inoperable and without an effective display. Today, there are many different solutions to repairing this issue, including DIY home repair. The following article describes the most common repair methods and their associated problems.

One of the most common reasons for a cracked screen is water. Water can easily enter a crack, causing the glass to crack and ultimately shatter. The most common way that water enters a crack is through a crack in the tempered glass around the touch display. If the crack is small, the water will usually exit the crack without incident, but large or irregularly shaped cracks may require the assistance of a professional to safely extract the liquid from the glass.

Another common issue with a cracked screen is a crack caused by static electricity. If a static charge builds up on the screen, the glass will often get hot and/or warm. When the glass becomes hot, the charge will often escape through the crack until the end of the screen or the circuitry inside the phone shorts out. This same process can also occur if there is static electricity behind a component on the motherboard of the phone. To remedy this problem, a professional Samsung repair technician should be contacted immediately.

If a crack is located inside the body of the phone, the best method of repair is to use a solder sucker. A solder sucker is a piece of wire that is used to apply thermal solder to the crack to join the two sides together. Because the solder does not melt when it bonds with the glass, there is no danger of the glass shattering or the electrical component of the phone shorting out as a result of the heat.

If a crack is located on the outside of the phone, another common problem is a scratch. A scratch, if not repaired properly, could eventually lead to complete damage or the glass becoming detached from the phone permanently. In this case, the only option available to repair the damage is to replace the entire screen. To repair scratches, a small amount of glass paint is used to cover the scratch until it is no longer noticeable.

Many people prefer to repair a scratch themselves. Home glass repair kits are widely available online. Glass scratch repair kits include everything you need to repair a scratch including a glass cutter, adhesive, small brush, and glass paint. It is important to remember that the smallest blemish can turn into a larger problem if not repaired properly. Therefore, when considering a glass repair kit or item, it is important to ensure that you choose the correct product for the type of damage suffered.