Private note work – Tips for effective note management

Privacy is more important than ever today. These days, a lot of information is leaked and hacked. It is crucial to protect your privacy. Private texts and notes are especially sensitive. One great tool for managing private notes is Privnote. Privnote is a free online service that allows you to create text notes that self-destruct after being read. The recipient simply clicks on a link to view the note, and once they close the note, it is deleted from Privnote’s servers. 

Create topic-specific privnotes

Don’t just create a single Privnote link for all your private notes. It’s better to create separate links for different topics or purposes. For example, you could have a Privnote for:

  • Personal journal entries
  • Sensitive work information 
  • Private conversations
  • Passwords
  • Financial information

Making sure sensitive information is not all in one place helps you organize your thoughts.

When you create a new Privnote, give it a short but descriptive title. Give it a title like “Meeting Notes – Project X”. This helps you identify the purpose of each note at a glance.

Add relevant tags

Privnote has a handy feature that allows you to add tags to your notes. Use tags to categorize your Privnotes based on topic, purpose, project name, or whatever system works for you. Some examples:

  • #journal #personal
  • #finances #taxes 
  • #work #clients #projects

Tags make your private notes easily searchable and organized.

Limit access with a password

For extremely sensitive information, add an optional password when creating your Privnote. Passwords are required before the recipient can view the note. However, remember that Privnotes still self-destruct after being read once, so a password is only necessary for your most private notes. A password also makes sharing a bit more cumbersome.

how to protect text in word? By default, Privnotes expire after 7 days if left unread. You choose a shorter expiration window though, anywhere from 1 hour to 1 month. Set the expiration for temporary notes or casual conversations to 24 hours. You can extend them to a week or a month for more permanent notes. Keep it brief, since the beauty of Privnote is its ephemerality.

Add an extra layer with encryption

Privnotes are encrypted with a PGP public key for the utmost privacy. It adds a layer of encryption that prevents even Privnote itself from accessing the content of your notes. Encryption is best reserved for your most confidential information, as it requires some extra setup compared to basic Privnotes. But it’s great for notes containing passwords, financial data, or other sensitive information. Before copying and pasting a Privnote link to share with someone, open the link yourself first. Verify that it opens correctly to your private note. It prevents sending incorrect or broken links by accident.