Main Causes Of Hip Pain

Hip pain is related to any pain in or around the hip joints. It is essential to know that hip-related pain is not always felt precisely in the hip. It can radiate to the mid-thigh or groin. See below for the main causes of hip pain. Read on for more detail (ดูรายละเอียดเพิ่มเติม which is the term in Thai)

Trochanteric Bursitis

Trochanteric bursitis is a common condition resulting from inflammation of the bursa, a pouch-like structure between the upper and lateral femur. This structure usually inflames due to the constant friction of the femur with the hip, whose fitting region is called the trochanter. In trochanteric bursitis, it becomes inflamed, thus generating hip pain. The diagnosis of trochanteric bursitis is made through clinical analysis and confirmation through imaging tests. Treatment involves administration of anti-inflammatories, as well as rest until disinflammation occurs.

In the most serious cases, the hip specialist orthopedist may indicate physiotherapy. In others, surgery is required to place a prosthesis.


Tendinopathy encompasses all problems involving the tendons in the hips. It is common to have some confusion between tendinopathies and trochanteric bursitis, so the analysis of a professional is essential for the correct diagnosis. The treatment of tendinopathies involves the use of anti-inflammatory drugs, in addition to physical therapy exercises with stretching.

Herniated Disc And Sciatic Compression

A herniated disc is one of the causes of hip pain, even if the problem is located in the lower back. Another factor that causes pain in this region is the sciatic nerve compression, which can start in the gluteal region and extend to the back of the thigh. To differentiate these causes, the specialist needs to analyze the type of pain and the limitation of movement and carry out complementary imaging tests.


Fractures are the main cause of hip pain and orthopedic surgeries in older people. Women are more susceptible to fractures due to hormonal changes that contribute to osteoporosis. And they can be caused by several factors, such as osteoporosis, lack of physical conditioning, lack of balance, and visual difficulties.

The fracture diagnosis is made through imaging tests, and when there is a fracture of the femoral neck, it is necessary to place a hip prosthesis.


Osteoarthritis is the wear and tear of the hip joint, very common in older people, and can generate pain in the hip and thigh region. With time, there may be a limitation of movement.

Treatment includes physiotherapy sessions and analgesic measures to relieve pain and return range of motion.