LigaZ11- All About Basketball Betting Online

The NBA is the most popular sports league watched all over the world. The popularity of games comes to the bets involved in basketball games. Betting in basketball games is more popular than football game bets. The main reason is that they are way easier to understand. LigaZ11 offers many betting options regarding bets in basketball. Before placing the bet a gambler must be well aware of the types of bets offered by LigaZ11.
There are three main types of bets in the NBA on LigaZ11. They are spreads, over-under betting, and Money line.


The Money-line bets are the simplest. You have to bet on which team that is playing will win the game and thus the bet. The payout of every Money-line bet is different. These payouts depend on who underdogs and favorites are.
The underdogs are played with a minus sign next to the odds. They are higher in risk. People place a large number of bets on it. So, it plays more once you win the bet. The favorite is a plus sign next to the odds. They are less risky than underdogs.
Few people place bets on favorites. As they are less risker than underdogs they pay less amount of money to the gambler who wins the bet. This is because the gamblers place less amount of money on the bet first themselves. So bigger risk in basketball betting means you win a bigger reward.

Betting against the spread:

The most preferred way to place your bets on a basketball game is by betting against the spread. The spread is nothing but a number set by the oddsmakers. An oddsmaker is a person who predicts the future for any gaming event like which team might win or lose. As this is the most favorite way of placing bets in a basketball game in LigaZ11 they give a disadvantage to the favorites. This gives underdogs an advantage.
But the difference between the Money-line bet and a spread bet is that a Money-line bet offers different payouts. This is not the case with the spread bets. They in turn offer an equal payout in both the wins.

Totals betting:

Like the betting against the spread in this also the oddsmakers set a number. This number is combined points that could be scored by both teams. The bets are made by the gamblers on whether the actual score made by both the teams will be more than or less than the combined scores predicted by the odd makers.
That means bets on whether the score will go over the predicted score or under the predicted score. The future bets are also played by many gamblers. These bets are placed on which team will win the championship.
All these bets are made in a live bet on the LigaZ11 website. The website is very user-friendly and the staff offers a 24 hours online service. The process of registration and online transaction is simple on this website. They offer great bets win big rewards.