Everything You Should Know About Gravity Bongs

Gravity bongs are an innovative way to smoke cannabis and other substances. They use gravity to push the smoke through the chamber, resulting in an intense and flavorful experience. This unique smoking method has become extremely popular due to its convenience, efficiency, and potency. So, what exactly is a gravity bong? How do you use one? And why should you consider trying it out? Let’s take a closer look at this fascinating smoking tool.

What is a Gravity Bong?

A gravity bong is a homemade smoking device that utilizes the power of gravity to fill the chamber with smoke. The basic design consists of two separate containers (often a large bucket or container filled with water and a smaller bottle or bowl) that are connected by tubing or another airtight seal. When the container with the bowl is submerged in the water-filled bucket, it creates vacuum pressure that sucks in smoke from whatever material is being burned into the smaller chamber. The user then pulls off the cap on top of the container and inhales deeply from the opening; this results in a much more intense hit than if they were simply taking a drag from a joint or pipe.

How Do You Use A Gravity Bong?

Using a gravity bong is relatively simple; all you need is some water, your preferred substance (cannabis, tobacco, etc.), and some patience! First, fill up your large bucket or container with enough water so that the small bowl can be fully submerged when placed inside it. Then fill up your bowl with whatever material you’re going to be smoking and light it up while keeping it just above the surface of the water in your bucket. Once you’ve got everything set up correctly and have lit your material of choice, slowly lower down your bowl until it’s completely submerged in the water – this will create suction which will draw air into both containers simultaneously as well as pull smoke through into them too! Finally remove your now-full-of-smoke bowl from its position at the bottom of your larger container while still keeping its lid firmly sealed – this will ensure all of that delicious smoke doesn’t escape anywhere! Now you can take off its lid and inhale deeply for an incredibly potent hit!

Why Should You Try It?

Gravity bongs offer a lot more than just an intense hit; they also provide users with an incredibly efficient way to consume their favorite materials since most of them don’t require any additional materials outside of what we already mentioned above (water + substance). This makes them perfect for those who would rather not bother with complicated rigs or pipes – simply assemble everything together quickly before taking off for wherever life takes you next! Additionally, because they create such strong suction forces when used properly they make it easy to get every last bit out of whatever material you decide to put inside – meaning less waste AND more bang for your buck!


 Gravity bongs are an effective and efficient way to enjoy cannabis or other substances without having to worry about complicated rigs or pipes. They use gravitational force to draw air into both containers simultaneously as well as pull smoke through into them too – resulting in an incredibly potent hit every time! Additionally, because they don’t require any additional materials outside of what we already discussed (water + substance), they make for hassle-free smoking on-the-go – perfect for those wanting convenience without sacrificing quality! Whether you’re looking for something new to add spice to your smoking routine or simply want something fast & powerful – give gravity bongs a try today – we guarantee you won’t be disappointed!