Crucial Tips to Winning in Small Blinds in Poker Online Indonesia

A true poker lunatic knows how tough it is to manage small blinds in a game of poker. No matter how experienced you are, you’ll often face a second thought while playing a small blind. 

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The post talks about some useful tips to winning with small blinds in poker online Indonesia

Why is Small Blind Such a Tough Position?

Small blinds often put you at a risk to lose a significant number of chips and here are the reasons that make it an extremely risky position. 

  • Small blinds demand you to pay half the chips as your big blind and that too, without having an idea of your cards. 
  • You’re always at a positional disadvantage when you play your post-flop. 

And thus, it’s important to play your small blinds with care. 

Tips to Play your Small Blinds Right

Here are the tips to play small blinds correctly. 

  • Aim at beating at least one player 

Whenever you sense the situation demands folding around you, you should redirect yourself to beat at least one player on the table before folding as this will help you realize the dead money in the pot. 

You may find many gamblers over-folding from the BB while countering steal attempts and automatically, you should get ready to exploit them. The best way to do this by open raising with a range wider than the small blind. 

You can always adjust your betting range on the following parameters.

  • Go for a tight range if the player is 3-betting aggressively
  • Open-raise wider against a super-tight player 

Besides, you also need to adjust your raise size along with your betting range. 

  • Treat big blinds and small blinds differently

Big blinds and small blinds are two different positions and offer distinct pot odds. Thus, you should never call in the same manner in both cases. Here are some reasons to justify this. 

  • Extremely tight moves when out of the position while in a multi-way pot
  • Marginal playability
  • The looms may squeeze with BB’s threat 
  • Try 3-betting in a small blind against a raise

Small blinds bring with them a positional disadvantage, which often leads the player to tough post-flop situations. You can counter this by resorting to a 3-betting or folding strategy while in a small blind against a rise. 

3-betting offers you several advantages, some of which are listed here.

  • A better winning probability and that too, without facing a flop
  • Reduction in the average number of hands on the table 

Make sure to tighten your 3-betting range as using your strong hands continuously may simplify the game for out of the position players. 

The Bottom Line 

Playing small blinds right has great importance in poker. Use them strategically and conquer the table!